Publishing Torah Online

Why Publishing Torah online

Publishing Torah online is very popular. You can publish Torah both as a private person but also if you are for example part of a yeshiva. Many Hesder Yeshiva has a website where students and Rabbis can publish their Torah. In this way, the Torah from the Yeshiva will be accessible to the public. Publishing Torah online can be as articles, audio classes or video Torah classes. You can either have everything available on different Torah websites, but you can also publish Torah video clips on platforms such as YouTube. One popular YouTube Torah channel is Divrei Maon, where you can get a lot of inspiration. You can often subscribe to an e-mail list and receive a notification each time a new Torah of any kind has been published. This is very convenient, and you don´t have to check frequently if any new Torah is available.

Publishing Torah videos on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent platform for publishing Torah videos. The only thing you need to open your channel on YouTube is a Google account. It is very easy to upload your Torah video clips. Just login to your YouTube account. After that, click on the film camera icon. Now browse on your computer and click on the video clip you want to upload. Then you have to wait until the video is uploaded. When finished you will get access to a unique URL to your video clip. Either you can share this one with other people and they will get direct access to the video on YouTube or you can add it to a web site, and it will be shown there. There is no limit what kind of Torah you can publish on YouTube but if you like to have more information the article Find Torah on YouTube is an excellent source. Here you can get knowledge on what Torah that is available, and this can give you inspiration on what Torah you want to publish.

Publishing Torah on other web sites

Publishing Torah online doesn´t mean that you have to manage your own web site or that the Yeshiva Hesder has one either. Some Jewish web sites offer you the possibility to publish Torah on their sites. One of them is Living Torah Online. Here you can both publish Torah articles as well as video clips. They will help you to push it via social media as well. Living Torah has an account on Facebook and uses other groups and pages as well to help spread the Light of Torah.