Make Aliyah

Make Aliyah before is too late

A couple of days ago I read an article written by the great Torah Scholar Rabbi Meir Kahane that he wrote a couple of decades ago. The subject of the article was if Jews should be allowed to carry money with them on Shabbos in case some non-Jew wanted to mug them. Many orthodox Rabbi thought it would be a great idea and it would be considered Pikuach Nefesh. What happened, in the end, I don´t know, the only thing that I know is that the answer then wasn’t to make Aliyah. The answer was to give in to the people causing harm to the Jewish people and the same is so true today. Every month we are hearing about Antisemitic attacks in America and Europe and sometimes in Australia, but it is far less. But even with all the antisemitic attacks just a few Jews are focusing on Israel as the solution and make Aliyah. And for sure antisemitic attacks and other anti-Jewish causes will not be less in the future, they will be more. So, make Aliyah before it is too late.

Make Aliyah for your children’s future

Is it important for you to have Jewish grandchildren? If the answer is yes, then make Aliyah today. More than 50% of the Jewish population outside Israel have intermarried and this number is growing all the time. In Israel, you will be protected from this disaster and your children will be happily married to Jews. But not only that. In Israel, your children will feel like real Jews. They will grow up with the living Torah every day and understand what the uniqueness of the Torah in Eretz Yisrael actually is. This is nothing that can be explained in words. This is something that has to be experienced.

Make Aliyah for your own future

If you believe that things and the situations for Jews will become better and everything will calm down, then you are probably wrong. We have seen from history that Antisemitism will always be here. So make Aliyah before it is too late. Sell your estates and businesses now when you still have the possibility to make a good deal, instead of waiting to the last minute.