Love your God

Love your God and your fellow Jew

Every day three times a day we say that we shall Love your God with all your heart, soul and might. This is very important, but can we actually love God if we don´t love our fellow Jew? This is not an easy question to answer, but according to my opinion, it is not possible to love God without loving your fellow Jew. How come? Because every Jew has a part of God inside him, the Godly soul. Therefore, when we say love your God with all your heart, soul and might, this also includes every Jew. And it doesn´t matter if he or she is observant or not. But of course, your love towards other Jews can be on such a level that it causes you from performing commandments.

Love your God by helping others

When fellow Jews are asking for help then you have an obligation to help out. This can often be very challenging. One example might be, now just a week before Chanukah. You want to buy extra high-quality oil to light with, to perform the commandment of lighting the Chanukiah. At the moment a fellow Jew asks you for money that he can buy cheap oil or even candles. You know, that if you give money to your fellow Jew you will not have enough money for the oil that you want to buy. So, you have a dilemma. It is hard to see and understand, but God prefers that you are helping others so both of you can celebrate Chanukah. This is to Love your God on a very high level. But you have to make sure that you still have enough for yourself that you can perform the commandment.

Love your God always

Some Jews believe that if I am helping others all the time, then I am not obligated to perform the commandments that God had commanded us. This is wrong. We have to have a safe balance between helping others and doing good deeds. For example, we can´t say that we are using so much of our money to help others, therefore we have to work on Shabbos.