B´nei Akiva Programs

What B´nei Akiva Programs are

B´nei Akiva is a religious youth organization that is active across the globe. B´nei Akiva can be found in most countries where you can find a Jewish community. This includes countries such as New Zealand, Sweden, Finland and so on. In all these countries you can take part in different B´nei Akiva Programs. It includes for example:

  • Weekly activities
  • Shabbos activities
  • Local camps
  • Global camps
  • Year programs in Israel

How B´nei Akiva function depends from country to country. But no matter where in the world, the primary goals is to strengthen Jewish identity among Jewish children and youth and in the long run to inspire Jews to come to Israel.

B´nei Akiva Programs in Israel

Many Jewish you after high school decides to come to Israel. A big part of them takes part in one of many B´nei Akiva Year Programs. These programs are developed according to where the different people come from. Since as we all know, one size doesn´t fit everyone. For example, if you come from an orthodox US background your requirements are on a different level from if you grew up in one of the Scandinavian countries. And some people want to learn Torah in a B´nei Akiva framework. Both boys and girls.

B´nei Akiva Yeshiva programs

The boy’s Torah programs are primary in cooperation with Hesder Yeshivot. This is an excellent combination. Here they are integrated with the regular Hesder Yeshiva but have separate classes in English. Most B´nei Akiva Yeshiva programs make sure that the boys also have Israeli study partners (chavruta) on a regular basis. Except learning in Yeshiva, B´nei Akiva organize plenty of activities during the year.

B´nei Akiva Midrasha programs

The girl’s Torah programs are in cooperation with a Midrasha. Here the girl will have the base during the program. Classes are mainly in English, but interaction with the Israeli girls are also important.  Except for the time spent in Midrasha, B´nei Akiva also organize many activities for the girls. Here they meet participants from many other programs in the framework of B´nei Akiva.


MTA is the Torah program for Jewish youth from New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa and TORANI is for European youth. For more information about them, please click on the links.